- Social Website

The prevention campaign LOVE LIFE, launched by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), called on the community’s help to spread their three core messages using social networks. For this reason, a social hub makes up the heart of the campaign.

All content on comes directly from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Pinterest and Tumblr and is displayed on the website arranged by topics. This allows visitors to discover different aspects of the campaign and like, comment and share content on the hub as well as on the various networks. This is exactly how we envision a social website!

A social website such as this one is made possible by a strong hashtag strategy as well as contentfry’s feature “themes”. Content posted on social media for the LOVE LIFE campaign is marked with a thematic hashtag, such as #NoRegrets or #MakeLove. In contentfry’s backend the various hashtags can be assigned to certain menu items. When content is published on social media, the respective content is immediately shown in the correct position on the website.

Always up-to-date, little maintenance and very social.

Client: Rod und Bundesamt für Gesundheit (BAG)

Idea & Concept: Rod (Lead Agency) und SMLY (digital)

Solution: Advanced Solutions (API)