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Our customers use contentfry for hashtag campaigns, influencer marketing, content hubs and much more.
We rely on contentfry primarily for internal communication, to centrally provide external communication content to our employees. Its consistent reliability and low maintenance have been invaluable, and contentfry regularly evaluates and implements our inputs.
Roger Ischi
Mediamatician / Specialist Social Media, Swiss Armed Forces
Across various departments and disciplines within our organization, contentfry proves indispensable, spanning from internal communication to employer branding and UGC campaigns. Its intuitive interface facilitates seamless project management, even within large teams.
Marijana Sladic
Digital Consultant, Swiss Post
Contentfry is our top choice as an agency. It effortlessly meets all our client project needs. The ability to manage multiple clients through one agency account streamlines the already intuitive interface. Plus, we value the fast and personal support!
Michael Koch
Managing Director Digital
We're very fortunate to receive a rich variety of User Generated Content about our farms, and thanks to contentfry, we can now showcase it on our website.
Nadine Gloor
Head of Marketing & Communication
Thanks to its great usability, contentfry helps us daily to keep an overview of our user generated content activities and is therefore a really important platform for content sourcing. We have appreciated the pleasant and proactive collaboration with contentfy for many years.
Dominic Stöcklin
Head of Social Media Switzerland Tourism
Our hotel industry clients value contentfry as a straightforward solution for effortlessly keeping their website up-to-date and showcasing their guests' most beautiful photos. As an agency, we value the easy overview of all our client projects with just one login.
Fabian Weidmann
Founder of Stammgast
We currently manage around 25 social walls on various websites and screens at several train stations. Each of these projects was effortlessly implemented with contentfry.
Daniel Schwarz
Community Manager, SBB AG
Contentfry in tourism
There’s no better – and cheaper – publicity than a happy visitor. Discover how the tourism industry uses credible content from travelers for their marketing.
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