#inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND: How Swiss Tourism connects with it's fans.

Every year, travelers in Switzerland share more than 250,000 photos, videos and other declarations of love on social media using the hashtag #inlovewithswitzerland. For this reason, user-generated content has long since been an integral part of Switzerland Tourism’s marketing strategy.

The discovery platform: inlovewithswitzerland.com

The social hub inlovewithswitzerland.com serves as a discovery platform for both travelers and marketers of Switzerland. Whether it’s the first snowflake or the opening of the swimming season–– Switzerland Tourism’s social media team never misses an event. Every day they keep an eye out for interesting user-generated content to transform into small narratives of their own.

Visitors of the platform can explore the map of Switzerland filtered by regions or locations using current (seasonal) and authentic photos from other fans of Switzerland.

For those more impressed by numbers than by pretty photos, the heatmap gives interesting insight into the hashtag #inlovewithswitzerland.

The storybox: when user-generated content becomes a story in itself
Whether it’s the coolest snowmen, mystical foggy landscapes or enchanting spring blossoms: the social media team unites the best user-generated content using contentfry’s feature “storybox” to produce small slide shows and share them on their own social media channels.

Themes: integrated in the right place
Not only does Switzerland Tourism show its great user-generated content on the social hub, but it is also an integral component of the main site myswitzerland.com. contentfry’s feature “themes” automatically filters and groups the thousands of photos by topics and destinations. For example when the user visits the “Zermatt”-site on myswitzerland.com, he will find only photos of people traveling Zermatt.

Year: 2017
Client: Switzerland Tourism
Concept: SMLY (for inlovewithswitzerland.com)
Solution: API and Special Solution