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This is contentfry

Collect, curate, display, analyze.

contentfry is a social media aggregator which allows you to bring content from the social web onto your own channels. Integrate user’s photos, videos and texts as well as your own postings. Decide to show the aggregated content as it is or moderate it beforehand. It’s your decision to use our display templates or to build something of your own using our API.

From our clients

Social hubs, social walls, hashtag campaigns and other crazy things.

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For Developers

contentfry’s API.

You want to cover every last inch of your city with hashtags? Display your tweets on an LED display? Show 3D projections on your VR headset? The sky’s the limit. Use contentfry’s API to realize your own projects.

For those in a hurry

Customizable Displays.

Use contentfry’s displays and in a blink of an eye your social wall or social hub will be online. Choose a template, customize color, font and more with only a few clicks, embed the content in the right spot and there you go. Suited especially well for events.

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