Contentfry's Subcontractors

SubcontractorLocationServiceData TransferData Privacy
AWSEU (Ireland)Cloud Services-GDPR Center
StripeUSPaymentsSwiss-US-DPFPrivacy Center
CloudflareUSSecuritySwiss-US-DPFGDPR Compliance
SentryUSApplication monitoringSCCDPA

Amazon Web Services

AWS powers our key operations and computing cloud services.


Stripe processes payments of the contentfry users who’ve decided to subscribe by credit card. The data stored in Stripe only includes the billing data provided by the contentfry team owner for each organisation.


MailChimp distributes one-off emails to inform the contentfry users about updates and new features.


Intercom powers the customer support live chat on contentfry for visitors and logged in users. It helps our clients to get in touch with the support team in real-time.


Cloudflare is a defended delivery network that balances the website load and provides security


Sentry monitors the application of contentfry. For example, it tracks errors on the server-side and in the application development.