Social Hub

Turns many small tales into one big story.

A social hub unites content from different channels in one place. In this way the users of your website get a quick overview and can experience your social media activity anew—even if they are not on Facebook, Twitter and the like. 

Integrate content from users and partners or show only your own content, depending on your strategy. contentfry allows you to do either.

All at a glance

Unites all your content in one place and provides users with a quick overview.

Always up-to-date

Keeps your website lively and up-to-date with no additional effort.

Social media for nonusers

Content is easily found and experienced regardless of the channel, for both users and nonusers.

Strengthens trust

Brings real customers to your website and strengthens the credibility of your brand.

Social Websites

When social media and your website become one.

Make the entire website social! With contentfry you can easily integrate content into various areas of your website by embedding user photos of products on corresponding product sites, for example. This strengthens customer’s trust and may inspire them to check out or buy new products themselves.


More than 250,000 lovers of Switzerland from all over the world use the hashtag #inlovewithswitzerland each year. Learn how Switzerland Tourism makes use of this user-generated content.

Hashtag campaign

One for all.

When using a hashtag you do not need to decide on a single platform. Customers can participate in hashtag campaigns regardless of the social media platform they use, and the brands reach their target audience on all channels. Hashtag campaigns get the users involved and promote commitment. And last but not least, you benefit from the reach of the community. 

contentfry brings user-generated content from social networks to your campaign site. In addition, the moderation tool makes it simple to moderate and display content.


Operates across platforms

Reaches your customers on different channels.


Encourages involvement and dialog.

Increases visibility

Uses the organic reach of the community.

Gets customers involved

Makes your customers part of the campaign.

Social Wall

Experience digital communication offline.

Use a social wall at your event or an info screen at your location.


Event Screen

A social wall unites all participants of your event by connecting the contributions of visitors, speakers, sponsors and media. It also allows the ones who have stayed home to follow the event online. On site it draws the crowd in and works as an icebreaker: the visitors gather in front of the social wall, start up conversations and are excited when they discover their own contributions on the big screen!


Info Screen

Having a social wall in a restaurant, hotel or sales area motivates the visitors to share photos of their experiences on social media. Thus, you are generating additional attention for your brand. At the same time a social wall brings your own digital communication to the sales area to inform, inspire and engage your visitors.

Advanced Solutions

The social hub for pros.

Contentfry has even more to offer. With contentfry’s API you can implement even the craziest of ideas.

Feeling inspired? We will gladly advise you.