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Use rooms to set up projects or launch campaigns and add desired connections. With the room function you can simultaneously manage different campaigns.


A connection is a stream that you add from any of our supported social networks. Examples of different connections are a hashtag from Instagram, all posts from your Facebook page or content from an RSS feed. 

Whenever you add a connection to contentfry it will count towards the total amount of connections allowed on your current plan level. Two different hashtags on Instagram are tracked as two separate connections.

Public postings with a hashtag

Owned AccountPostings from an owned account

TagsPostings your account was tagged in

Public ContentPostings from a public business account

*You need to own an Instagram business account in order to collect any postings from Instagram
Owned Page

Public and targeted postings from
an owned page

Postings from users on page

Public Page
Public postings from the page

Postings from users on the page

User ProfilePostings from a profile you own

Postings from a public group

Comments on postsPostings that are made on a specific posting (available for owned Pages only)
TwitterHashtagPublic postings with a hashtag

UserPostings from a public user

ListsPostings from a public list

LikesPostings liked by a user (account)
YouTubeUserPublic videos from a user

PlaylistPublic videos from a playlist
TagsPublic Postings with a tag

UserPostings from a public user
HashtagPublic postings with a hashtag

UserPostings from a user
PinterestUserPublic postings from a user

BoardPostings from a public board
RSSRSS-FeedRSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0